Cycling Studio

Pedal Your Way to Perfect Shape at Decatur Gym

Concord Cycling Studio at Benders Gym Decatur

Low-impact doesn’t have to mean a light workout. Spinning and RPM classes in our cycling studio make us the best gym in Decatur for pedaling your way into the best shape of your life — without stressing your joints!

Spinning™ classes utilize high-intensity interval training to churn your metabolism to a frenzy while building muscle. You’ll keep burning fat for hours after our motivational instructors push you to go that extra mile that you didn’t even think you had in you.

In RPM™ classes, you’ll take on terrain like hills, flats, and mountain peaks alongside the rest of your pack. Your coach will inspire you to achieve your best through time trials and interval training, all while pedaling to the rhythm of pulsing music.

Stop by today and check out our state-of-the-art fleet of cycles when you come in for your free pass!