Boost Your Fitness Gains with Training at Decatur Gym

Personal Training at Bender's Gym

Achieving fitness goals depends as much on education and inspiration as it does on having the right equipment and a plan. Top-notch training options are what make Bender’s Gym the best gym in Decatur.

To ensure the highest quality of training is available to our members, we employ Alloy® Personal Training and Alloy Small Group Training. Instructors are certified, highly experienced, and passionate about helping you meet your goals.

  • Personal training offers you the undivided attention of a trainer who will give in-depth instruction, help you create a custom fitness plan, and be at your side while you strive toward your specific goals.
  • Small group training combines the advantages of a group class, like dynamic teamwork and accountability, with those of private training, like the guidance of an instructor and personal attention.


Small Group Training involves 2-5 members working together toward common fitness goals. Additional Alloy small group classes are offered, including Alloy Foundations, Alloy Industrial Strength, and Alloy Afterburn.

With Alloy training, there are options for members with any fitness or weight loss goal. Learn more about training at Bender’s Gym by speaking with our knowledgeable staff when you come in for your free pass.