Small Group Training

Targeted Fitness with Small Group Training at Decatur Gym

Bender's Gym Small Group Training Pushes You with the Motivating Group But is Small Enough You Get a Personal Touch

Do you thrive on a group dynamic and a rigorous and focused fitness routine? If so, small group training at our Decatur gym will help propel you toward your fitness goals.

Small group training is limited to 2-5 members — that’s just enough people to allow the personal attention you need — and the camaraderie, accountability, and group energy of your small but dedicated band.

Small group training is available for any fitness goal, with Alloy<sup>®</sup> Small Group Training classes focusing on different aspects of fitness

  • Alloy Foundations focuses on laying a total-body foundation of conditioning. You’ll get into shape while ensuring that you fortify yourself against injury.
  • Alloy Afterburn straddles that line between strength training and cardio training to fire up your metabolism. The result is increased fitness while burning fat faster than almost any other program available – and you’ll even continue burning fat and calories up to 48 hours after your workout.
  • Alloy Industrial Strength is designed to turn you into a strong and slim athletic machine. Heavier loads and fewer reps results in strength without bulk. This class is the ultimate performance-enhancer.

Learn more about small group training options when you come in for your free pass.