As you begin to spend more time in the gym, you’ll find that some muscles are more fun to work than others. For many people, leg training really isn’t all that much fun. Building up your legs can be a long, challenging and boring process. In fact, Leg Day is sometimes code for “I’m Just Going to Skip the Gym Today–Day”.

But honestly, nothing beats a great set of legs. Whether you’re a man or a woman, defined legs make you look athletic, fit, and healthy. There’s nothing worse than seeing a guy who’s ripped from the waist up, but walking around on 2×4’s for legs. You’ve seen him, you know, the guy that spends all his time at the gym working out his “beach muscles” while his legs look like they belong to a prepubescent boy. He’s gotta know we’re all talking about him; he just HAS to know.

It’s time to start taking Leg Day seriously. You may never intend to enter a bodybuilding contest, but there is something to be said about having body symmetry nonetheless. Start turning those chicken legs into something you can be proud of. Word to the wise; after completing the following leg exercises, you’ll probably leave the gym walking like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. But have no fear, your great looking legs will soon be here!


Remember That Leg Day is Different.

Anytime that you show up to the gym for Leg Day, you have to keep in mind that you’re probably not going to be getting in an intense overall workout. This is mainly due to the amount of mass you’re engaging, and the requisite volume needed to train such a large muscle group. If you come in mentally prepared for your hardest workout of the week, you’ll have a leg up on Leg Day.
You Don’t Know Squat(s)

For every ten people training their legs in the gym, five absolutely hate doing squats. In some cases, you may try finding any excuse possible not to do squats. But hiding out doing leg presses is not going to get you the results you want. Just because your knees and hips are bending when you do leg presses doesn’t mean you’re engaging the muscles as much as you would doing squats.
Switch Up Your Squats

If you’ve been trying every trick under the sun but still feel like your body is out of proportion thanks to your skinny legs, pause squats may be the change you need in your workout. Paused squats almost guarantee leg development and are pretty advanced. Pause squats may seem like a simple notion, but they are extremely effective because of the extra time under tension.
Don’t Over Complicate Your Squats

Using heel boards or plates is a popular fitness trick that many use in the quest for boss-like legs but unfortunately, those people are putting their body at risk for injury. This fitness hack simply shifts your center of gravity forward, shifting emphasis on the lower quads which puts more stress on the cartilage and tendons in the knee and can leave you in pain.
Give Isolation a Try

For some reason, many long-time gym members choose to ignore isolation work, but when it comes to working out the lower body, isolation can be key. Try adding a simple set of leg extensions and leg curls with three sets of 15 reps to give your workout a little jolt.