There are two questions you should ask yourself when choosing the best cardio machine to lose weight. The first is “Is this something that suits me enough to do over and over again?” and the second is “Is this method effective?” Let’s face it. It can be the most effective weight loss method ever, but if you absolutely hate it, there’s no way you’ll keep coming back to it. On the other hand, if you find something you love to do but it doesn’t bring any results you might as well be sitting down to watch your favorite movie instead.

Choosing the Best Cardio Machine to Help With Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss methods, there are three cardio machines that are great for burning calories that you’ll find at almost any gym: the treadmill, the elliptical, and the stationary bike. Here’s a little guide to help you decide which is the best cardio machine that will bring the best results for your body.


The treadmill is the top choice for many who are looking to lose weight and get into that fabulous bathing suit for summer. It’s a rush, it’s intense, and if you’re up to just a brisk walk, you’re going to burn about 100 calories per mile easy. Depending on the speed and the incline, you could burn even more. But the downside of the treadmill is the strain it puts on your joints. Your body weight is coming down on those knees and ankles with every stride, so you’ll need to consider if this is the best route for your body type.


The elliptical is a great option for those who want to achieve weight loss but want a little less strain on joints. Because you’re still upright, you’ll still be engaging tons of muscles and therefore burning a lot of calories. If you use a machine with arm components, you’ll get even better results.

Stationary Bike

For those with real joint problems or recovering injuries, this is an excellent way to go. Whole classes built around stationary bikes, so for those who have difficulty with self-motivation, you can get a whole herd of bikers in one room fueling you with their enthusiasm.

Try them all out. If you find one and think “Hey, I hate this one a little less than the others, and it’s not flaring up any old injuries,” then you’ve probably found your winner. Strap on that badass bandana and get your cardio on.