One of the best ways to get in shape and squeeze back into your favorite pair of skinny jeans is to burn extra fat with kettlebell exercises. Whether you’ve seen the cool kids swinging these bad boys at the gym or you’ve been casually eyeing them up in the fitness aisle at your favorite department store, it’s clear that you’ve been itching to try them out. Check out this fun and challenging kettlebell moves to get a total body workout and impress at the gym.


The Swing

While you may look like a preschooler gone mad when first attempting this move, it’s simple and very effective so don’t count it out. Star with feet hip distance apart, grasping the handle with both hands. Let hands rest comfortably in front of your pelvic area.

Bend your knees, hinging up from the hips and swing the kettlebell down between your legs.
Pop back up by straightening your legs and swinging the weight to chin height. Repeat move for 90 seconds, creating momentum as you swing. Let your glutes and your hamstrings do the work, not your shoulders.

Clean to Rack

While the name of this move may remind you that you need to drop off your dry cleaning, it’s sure to make you feel the burn. Start with feet hip distance apart. Hold the handle with your right hand, palm facing your body. Squat and lower the weight below your knees.
With one quick motion, stand up and curl the kettlebell to your chest. The weight should rotate to your right in the “rack” position. Repeat move for 30 seconds then switch sides.

Chop Lunge

Give your booty a nudge in the right direction (preferably up and out) with this powerhouse move. Begin by standing in the rack position, with the weight in your hand. Place your left hand and over your right and grasp. In a single motion, step your left leg forward into a standard lunge and twist to the left, lowering the kettlebell down towards your left hip.
Step back into the start position, bringing the weight back up. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch sides.


Attempt your best Beyonce moves at home or the gym with this simple and effective exercise.
Start with feet hip distance apart. Grab your kettlebell with the bottom of the weight facing up. Grasp with your hands on both sides of the handle, holding it at chest height. Lift the weight towards the right side of your face, slowly circling it behind your head to the left side, while holding on with both hands. Alternate directions and repeat for 1 minute.

Lose Weight and Feel Great

With these fun and easy kettlebell workout moves you can go from weak and flabby to taught and sexy in no time. Just be sure to find the right weight for your size and have lots of fun playing with your bells!