Guntersville Cycling Studio at Bender’s Gym.

Looking for a great cycling workout despite the sweltering heat outside? Our cycling studio makes us the best gym in Guntersville for getting a cycling workout!

Spinning and Les Mills RPM classes take place on our deluxe suspended floor group fitness room. Our fleet of cycles includes 16 ultra-modern, fully adjustable bikes for your comfort.

Spinning classes fire up your metabolism with high intensity interval training so you can burn fat while building muscle. You’ll keep burning fat for hours after your workout is complete while your heart rate spins slowly back down to its normal speed.

RPM classes simulate a real group ride over terrain like hills, flats, and mountain peaks alongside the rest of your pack. Your motivational instructor will push you through time trials and interval training to the pace of rhythmic music.

Give our state-of-the-art cycles a spin when you come in for your free pass at our Guntersville gym!