If you’re a girl who tends to live in the gym, like me, there are a few essentials to put in your gym bag besides a towel and deodorant. While your gym bag checklist might vary depending on your style and specific needs, these items will help you leave the gym and attack the rest of your day smelling and looking good!

5 Absolute MUST HAVE Items on Your Gym Bag Checklist

1. Dry Shampoo

This is a must! Dry shampoo helps soak up excess oil, and its light scent freshens your hair. It hides the workout damage for the day.

gym bag checklist2. Bobby Pins

This is another gym bag essential. It’ll keep your locks in place and sweep up sweaty hair after a good workout. Before a workout, I’ll often put up my hair in a loose bun on top of my head secured with bobby pins so I can let it down post-workout without any elastic-band kinks.

3. Perfume/Body Spray and Baby Wipes

Along with a natural deodorant, these will lessen any signs that you just sweated your butt off! While I’m in full support of showering after a workout, sometimes life demands that you jump off the gym treadmill and onto life’s treadmill of work and kids.

4.) Protein Powder/Bars

Keep post-workout hunger pains at bay and help your body recover with this gym bag must. Foods like these are easy to transport and usually, don’t make a mess in your bag.

5.) Lip Gloss, Bronzer, and Mascara

These three makeup items help brighten your face and are easy to apply when you’re trying to rush out of the gym. Your face might already be flush from your workout, so these makeup essentials will further highlight your post-workout glow!

Did we miss any of your favorite essentials for your gym bag? Let us know in the comments below.