Bender’s Gym Huntsville Cycling Studio

Want a workout that builds endurance, burns fat, and is easy on the joints? Cycling classes at Bender’s Gym in Huntsville provide all-in-one workouts to help you meet many fitness goals at once.

Cycling classes take you through a range of intensities from the slower fat burning heart rate zone all the way up to calorie-consuming sprints. High intensity interval training burns more calories than almost any other workout, and you’ll keep on burning fat for hours afterward as your body converts fat into glucose fuel to replace what you burned working out.

Workouts can be adjusted to the individual despite the class format, so cycling is perfect for members of any fitness level. Our experienced instructors will guide you through challenging rides and help you squeeze out the extra mile you didn’t even know you had in you!

Look into our cycling facilities and classes when you come into our Huntsville gym today to use your free pass!