Reach your goals with a motivating Personal Trainer at Benders Gym Huntsville

Make the most of your gym time. Take your fitness to the next level. Alloy® Personal Training at Bender’s Gym in Huntsville offers the combination of guidance and motivation that will help you bring your A-game.

People tend to be more successful when they work with a trainer. A trainer provides knowledge helpful to establishing fitness best practices, a healthy lifestyle, and a fitness plan unique to the individual. Even when the going gets hard, a trainer provides inspiration, accountability, and is a resource to turn to when you hit a wall.

Our certified trainers will help you define and refine the optimal fitness program for you. Members new to Alloy Personal Training receive a free fitness evaluation. Semi-private and large group training are also available.

Find out more about personal training when you stop by our Huntsville gym to use your free pass.