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Join us at Bender’s Gym Madison for an exciting group class!

Looking to change things up in your fitness program? Group fitness classes at our Madison gym are some of the best ways to add some zing to a tired routine.

Group fitness classes are fun, and working out with others means automatic motivation and accountability to keep you in the zone. Some of the classes at our Madison health club, like Zumba, don’t even feel like work!

Les Mills group classes are dynamic, set to vivacious music, and routines and music are rotated on a regular basis so you’ll never get bored. Different classes emphasize different aspects of fitness.

For gentler exercise options, Bender’s Gym offers Les Mills BodyFlow which are yoga-based routines with elements of Tai Chi and Pilates.

There are classes designed to fit into any fitness program. Our experienced and passionate instructors provide guidance and motivation to keep you moving toward your fitness goals.

Check out our class options today when you come in to try out your free pass to our gym in Madison!