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Group Fitness

The key to transforming your body is to not allow yourself to get stuck performing the same workout routines over and over again. If you want to keep improving your overall fitness, you need to exercise in a variety of ways. Group Fitness is a perfect way to mix things up. You’ll also have an amazing time working out alongside your family and friends as you all reach your fitness goals together. Our classes will help you:

  • Burn More Fat
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Increase Cardiovascular Performance
  • Improve Balance and Flexibility
  • Get Fit While Having a Blast

Corporate Wellness

Smart businesses understand that offering a way to help their employees live a healthy and fit lifestyle can enable them to lower their overall healthcare costs. We here at Bender’s Gym, we make it easy for businesses of any size to encourage wellness in the workplace by offering a comprehensive fitness program for their employees. Healthy employees:

  • Take fewer sick days
  • Have more energy
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Are more productive
  • Stay with the company longer

Personal Training

Looking for some personalized, one on one training? A Personal Trainer might be just what you need to take your fitness to the next level. Our Personal Trainers can help you put together a plan that focuses on your individual abilities, limitations, and needs. Whether you’re training for a fitness event or just want to get in incredible shape, our Personal Trainers have the expertise to provide you with everything you’ll need so you can reach your goals.

  • Get Stronger
  • Get Leaner
  • Lose Weight Faster
  • Build More Endurance
  • Have More Confidence

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