Prepare for whatever life throws at you with functional training in Scottsboro

Bulging biceps and a sleek physique are great benefits, but if you’re focused on strength and fitness gains that transfer directly to performance in your daily life, our gym in Hartselle offers the functional training options you’re looking for.

Functional training emphasizes coordinating major muscle groups using natural movements to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. If there’s a sport you’re training for — or you just want to prevent injuries — functional training is a great option.

Our functional training facilities include kettlebells, medicine and utility balls, ropes, bands, a TRX suspension system, and more. Our specialized equipment allows you to be innovative with your workouts.

Group classes also offer functional training elements.

Need help designing a functional training program that addresses your unique needs? Our experienced personal trainers are here to offer their expertise.

Check out our functional training options when you try us out with your free pass!