Kickstart your workout with strength training at Bender’s Scottsboro

Here at Bender’s Gym, we like to offer our members a firm foundation in the basics of fitness. Our array of strength training options makes us the best gym in Scottsboro for getting a solid strength training workout. Come in and start lifting today!

Our strength training equipment includes a full line of selectorized machines, plate-loaded machines, free weights with inclined/declined settings, benches, smith machines, and dumbbells weighing everywhere from 2-120 pounds.

That means from the beginner to the dedicated gym rat, we have what you need for your strength training regimen.

Looking to learn your way round the gym or take your strength training to the next level? Our personal trainers offer expert instruction, unique fitness plan creation, and inspiration to launch you toward your fitness goals.

Come on over to our Hartselle gym to start pumping iron today with your free pass!