Feeling stuck in a rut when it comes to building muscle and rocking your way to your ideal physique? Maybe it’s time to raise the barbell and start taking your weight training a bit more seriously with BODYPUMP classes. BODYPUMP group exercises may be just what the doctor ordered to help you get those gorgeous, lean, and strong muscles that everyone dreams of. Discover the benefits of this fun and physically demanding group class. It’s time to pump it up at the gym!

Top 5 Benefits of Joining BODYPUMP Class

1) It’s Fast

In just 60 minutes you can get a high-intensity workout in that involves resistance training with the barbell. There’s no time for slacking or staring googly-eyed at yourself in the mirror during this fast-paced class. With 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll be led through 800 repetitions of various exercises where you can burn anywhere from 500 to 1000 calories!

2) You’ll Have Fun

Working out in a group setting may be a little intimidating to some, but this isn’t your typical 8th-grade gym class, kids! Group classes can be super motivating and seriously fun once you let go of your insecurities. With this type of high-energy class, you get to interact with your classmates to build a sense of camaraderie and make it through to the other side.

3) Classes Keep You on Your Toes

Every three months the classes switch up, and you’ll get to sweat it out to new music with a new focus for your workout. Now you can officially say that the gym isn’t boring, and you’ll always have new, effective ways of strengthening your body and building muscle.

4) It’s the Perfect Introduction

If you’ve focused on simply losing weight but not building any muscle, you may need something new to mix up your fitness routine. Sounds familiar? These one-of-a-kind classes can be the perfect introduction to resistance training. While everyone at the gym can tell you about the importance of lifting weights, it can be tough to know where to start. With these BODYPUMP classes, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience you need to feel confident in the weight room.

5) You’ll Become Stronger

While some gym members may fear strength training classes, you know that building muscle is simply part of maintaining a healthy physique, right? You aren’t afraid of one day looking in the mirror to find Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson starring back at you. Oh no! Luckily, strength gains don’t have to equal bulging muscles. In fact, when you build lean muscle in class you’re not limited to seeing changes in your arms alone. Stick with it and you’ll find that most participants start to see significant physical changes to their body in as little as six weeks.

Photo ©LesMills