Get Tired with This Tire Circuit | Bender's Gym

I love working out with tires. There’s something about throwing around a dirty, big tire that makes me feel like a serious rock star in the gym!

No matter the size, a tire can give you an insane workout, challenging your heart rate, power, and strength in just a few moves (and even in a few seconds).

Try Adding This 10-minute Tire Circuit into Your Fitness Program

The Exercises:Tire Circuit

1) Tire Push-ups
-Keep your feet elevated on the tire to make this move tougher!

2) Tire Flips
Watch this to learn how to properly flip your tire.

3) Tire Jumps
-Either jump onto the edge of the tire or inside it depending on height.

4) Tire Dips with Alternating Leg Lifts
-Lift your leg as you ascend from the bottom of the dip.

The Circuit:

  • Do 25 reps each of the following four moves in the first round.
  • For the next three rounds, drop the reps by five.
  • Your final round will be 10 reps each.
  • Rest at least a minute between rounds.


If you’re more experienced in the gym and want a greater challenge, you can start your rep count at 30 or 35 and work your way down to a final round of five reps each move.

So remember, the next time you’re feeling like you need one big push to get over your workout lulls, give this tire flipping circuit a try!