The back is one area that really stands out when you’ve been working hard in the gym. Training your back muscles slims the appearance of your waistline and sculpts the musculature of your neck and shoulders. It also creates more symmetry throughout your body and can help you reach new heights in your overall strength and athleticism.

If you’re ready to make improvements to your back, this is just the workout for you. I’d suggest performing it at least once a week in addition to your regularly scheduled workouts. Stay consistent and progressively add weight every other week if possible to achieve optimal results!

The Back Attack Workout Plan

For this workout, you’ll need access to a gym that offers a pull-up bar, a cable machine, and dumbbells. You’ll perform all five of the exercises listed below, with five sets of eight to ten reps each. Rest for at least 60-90 seconds between each set.

back attack workoutPay attention to the tempo of the exercise. It’s described as three sets of numbers: the first number referring to how many seconds you’ll be bringing the weight to a contraction, the second number referring to how many seconds you’ll squeeze or contract the weight, and the third number referring to how many seconds you’ll take to return the weight to the starting point.

If you’re just starting out with workouts like this, you can keep the weight lower and reps higher at first, and maintain the tempo of each lift more evenly spaced.

1. Pull-Ups (1-2-4)

2. Single Arm Dumbbell Bent-Over Row (1-2-3)

3. Cable Row (1-3-3)

4. Close-Grip Cable Lat Pull Downs (2-2-2)

5. Back hyperextension (1-3-2)