We spend a lot of our time moving forward and backward. We bend over and straighten, or even extend our bodies to reach behind us. But a lot of us skip over lateral movements, where we move side to side or in a diagonal pattern. And this can lead to serious injury, a multitude of muscular imbalances and stalled fitness results.

If you’re serious about reaching new heights in the gym or on the field or courts, it’s time to incorporate something I like to refer to as zig-zag training. You’ll move your body in new and challenging ways, which will help you bust through plateaus, improve your speed and agility, and build incredible core strength. Add this workout once a week, and you’ll be impressed.

Your How to Guide to The Zig-Zag Workout

For this workout, you’ll need a space such as a turf room, track, open field or uncrowded gym floor. Set up five cones approximately 10 yards apart in a zig-zag formation and perform each move throughout each cone. Do these moves back-to-back, zigging and zagging for five total rounds, resting 45-60 seconds between each round. One total lap equals five cones.

Zig-Zag TrainingBear Crawl:

60 seconds

Bear Crawl Backwards:

60 seconds


60 seconds (switch the direction you face after each lap)

Lateral Hops:

Travel 10 total cones (2 laps), rotating the direction you face after each cone

Lateral Lunge:

Travel 10 total cones (2 laps), alternating the lead leg of your lunge after each cone

Plank Walk:

Travel 10 total cones (2 laps), alternating the lead hand of the plank walk after each lap

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